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For any questions or concerns about registration at Denver South High School please contact Lulu Gonzalez at 720-423-6066. You can also visit the Office of Choice and Enrollment.

Enrolling At Denver South High School

We are excited to have you enroll at Denver South. There are a few steps and district policies that must be followed in order to enroll.

A parent or guardian must be present to enroll a student. If student is emancipated he/she must bring court documents to registration.

Please bring the following with you to enroll

Denver South Area Students

We will accept any students that live within the Denver South High School boundaries at any time during the school year if you have not forfeited your spot during the Choice Process.

School of Choice Round #1

First Round Choice applications are available on the dates set by the Choice and Enrollment Office. These applications are available online only. The dates to apply for Choice can vary from year to year.  During the first round you may pick up to five schools. You need to list them in order of your preference. When the window for 1st round closes, all the applications are processed and given lottery numbers. If your application is picked you will receive a letter of acceptance from your first pick school. If your application is not picked you will be placed on a wait-list according to your lottery number and your second school choice will be assigned if it has openings.

Pre-enrollment is also done online. You will need to upload your documents directly to the Choice Office when applying. Make sure your contact information is correct. Applications cannot be processed if incomplete and must be completed before the due date.

Please check the Choice and Enrollment website for information and instructions on how to apply online.

School of Choice Round #2

Second Round Choice applications are released after the First round have processed and families have been notified. Second round applications are on a first come first serve basis. If there is room at the school you are applying, you will get an acceptance letter. If that grade is full, you will be placed on a wait-list. If your student is placed on a wait-list, you will receive a call or email when an opening becomes available.

You will need to monitor your email or voicemail for contact from the Choice Office. You will be able to accept or decline a spot for that grade. Please be aware that you must respond as soon as possible to accept the opening. Please check the Choice and Enrollment website for information and dates.

DPS students transferring from September 1 to May 31

DPS students wishing to transfer after the 2nd round Choice ends must do an Administrative Transfer to do so. This paperwork may be picked up at the Registrar’s office of the school they wish to leave. The form must be filled out and signed by the parent or guardian and returned to their current school. The student must attend the current school during this review time. Administrative Transfers can take up to 10 business days. The form will be input into the system for the Principals at both schools to review. They may request an interview with parent and student before making their decision. Both Principals must agree to the transfer to be approved. If one of them does not agree the decision goes to the Choice and Enrollment Office for review. The Choice and Enrollment office has the final say. The decision is sent back to the schools and if approved the receiving school will contact the student as to when they may enroll. The student must make sure that all books and equipment from the current school is returned before enrolling in the new school.

New Students to DPS enrolling after August 31

Students new to DPS and not living in a school boundary may apply to a school by using a Mid -Year Entry form. This form needs to be taken to a Choice and Enrollment Office. It allows you to pick up to five schools you would like to enroll at. It also allows you to pre-enroll in the district. If there is room at the school you would like to enroll, the Choice and Enrollment Office will inform the school that you are coming and that you are pre-registered. All information and documents will be in the system when you go to the school. This process takes about two business days. Make sure you take a birth document and a proof of address with you to the Choice Office.

Non Denver Resident

A non-Denver Resident may also apply at the Choice and Enrollment Offices but are required to pay tuition after October 1st. This tuition may vary from year to year so please check with the Choice and Enrollment Office for cost and forms. You will pay your tuition at the Choice and Enrollment Office before you will be allowed to register at a school. Again it will depend on space and availability at the school.

Choice and Enrollment Offices

Contact number for Choice and Enrollment Services 720-423-3493 or visit the School Choice website.

If you have any other questions please contact our Registrar:

Lulu Gonzalez
Denver South High School