Community Partnership Board

Three students in front of school

Denver South High School Community Partnership Program (DSCP)

“Building World Leaders Together!”

Community Partnership Mission Statement

“To have a mutually supportive relationship between South High School, the greater Washington Park and Denver community in which the partners commit to enriching students’ educational journey through tutoring, mentoring, post-secondary career readiness and transforming them into life-long learners and engaged members of the community.”

Objectives & Actions

To develop alliances with businesses, civic and cultural organizations and other interested community members to provide support ideas and/or resources for our students and staff.

“…the larger Denver community, are essential partners in helping our students achieve at dramatically higher levels and graduate from high school ready for college or career” -Denver Public Schools, Denver Plan 2010

The Denver Community Partnership Board has provided services at South in the area of career speakers, tutors, student and teacher incentives, school supply drives, grant awards, financial literacy classes, after school clubs, student community service, excursion opportunities, curriculum support for the classroom, marketing, mock interviews, the publication of school materials, and more!  We love our community partnerships and their involvement at South High School!

Our Community Partners