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Graduation Requirements

Congratulations to all seniors!!!

You have worked hard to get to the point of high school graduation. You are to be commended for your hard work!! We are excited to see where our South graduates go in life and hope that they always stay in touch through our Alumni Association.Whether you are the first to graduate in your family or the last, there are many steps you must follow to ensure a smooth senior year and a clear path to the graduation ceremony. The people and numbers below will help navigate your way to the graduation ceremony.

Senior Timeline
The senior timeline will help keep you organized throughout the year. Print one out for your home as well as your backpack. Use it as a reference so you don’t miss any steps/information.

Senior Meetings
Using your Senior Timeline, all seniors must attend the senior meetings. Valuable information will be shared at these meetings. Those seniors not in attendance may miss important deadlines and be unaware of upcoming dates. There are no makeup meetings, so plan accordingly.

Your Counselor
It is important throughout your entire high school life that you keep in touch with your counselor. Try to stop by at least once a semester to check in. During your senior year, however, it is more important than ever. Your counselor, located in room 113, will work with you to make sure you have met all graduation requirements.

Jake Jacoby
Class of 2016
Room 113C
Phone 720-423-6087
Website: Welcome Class of 2020!

Senior Fees
All seniors are responsible for paying any outstanding fees to the treasurer’s office BEFORE Senior Checkout Day. Seniors will not receive their cap and gown or graduation tickets until all fees are completely paid.

Future Center
All seniors should stop by the Future Center and the Denver Scholarship Foundation. Meeting with its director, Dante Bills, may be a key to completing your college applications as well as opening up opportunities for scholarship and grant possibilities.
Denver Scholarship Foundation

Caps/Gowns/Announcements – Jostens
Your cap, gown and tassel are all purchased through Jostens. The 2014 cost for the cap/gown/tassel will be $43.00. You may also purchase class rings, announcements and other accessories through Jostens if you wish. Our Jostens representative is Troy Tyson. Troy can be reached at 303-470-5136. Cap and gowns are not handed out until Senior Checkout Day.

Cap and Gown Photos – Lifetouch
Cap and gown photos are available each spring. While this is not mandatory, it is a great opportunity to have a professional photo taken of you in your purple cap and gown. Lifetouch photographers take these photos. Questions for Lifetouch should be directed to 303-565-5200.

Senior Video
What a great memory – your high school graduation. And even if you’re ready to spread your wings outside the walls of South High School, any adult will tell you that, in time, it’s always fun to look back from where you came. A video is produced each year for the graduating class. The first part of the video is your actual graduation ceremony. The second half is the senior video – with highlights from the entire senior year. The video is created by South teacher Richard Cole. Questions on how to buy a video can be directed

Full Field Panoramic
Seniors will take a group picture in the spring. All photos may be paid for and picked up 24-48 hours later at a specified location. The location and time will be announced at the time of the photo. Questions about this photo may be directed to Dan Derry at Full Field Panoramic.

Graduation Photo
At the ceremony you will walk across the stage and receive your diploma from one of the assistant principals. At that moment, a picture will be taken of you. A few weeks after graduation, all graduates will receive a proof in the mail with instructions of how to purchase a picture. Questions about this photo can go to Graduation Foto at 1-800-283-1779.

Graduation Rehearsals
There will be 2 graduation rehearsals each May. One will be held on Senior Checkout day in the gym and one will be held at the Richie Center. Both rehearsals are mandatory. Dates and times of these rehearsals can be found on your Senior Timeline.

Senior Speeches
ANY graduating senior is encouraged to try out for a graduation speech. While our Valedictorian and Salutatorian have a specific part in the ceremony, there are other speaking parts which are open to any senior. Details of the speech tryouts will be available through Graduation Chairman.

Senior Awards Breakfast
The Senior Awards Breakfast happens each spring shortly after Senior Checkout. Seniors receiving an award will be notified through an invitation. Invited seniors and their parents attend this special breakfast held off campus.

Tickets to the Ceremony
All seniors will receive 10 tickets to the graduation free of cost. After that, tickets may be purchased for $5. Seniors will pay and receive all tickets on Senior Checkout Day. Once the extra tickets run out, they’re gone.


Senior Timeline

  • PARENTS:  Please remind your students to check and see if they owe any fines/fees.  Seniors cannot ‘walk’ during graduation if they are not paid. Everyone who owes a fee will be sent a notice during their advisement period.

South High School Graduation Contract

Graduation Requirements