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Graduation Class 2020

Denver South High School Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony Video

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Updated May 17, 2020

Wednesday,May 20th 6:00pm:Virtual Senior Awards Ceremony via Live StreamSENIOR AWARDS EVENT(Access live stream via Google Chrome browser with a DPS Student Account)

Friday,May 22nd 9:30AM-3:30PM

A-B  9:30AM-10:30AM
C-F  10:30AM-11:30AM
G-K  11:30AM-12:30PM
L-N 12:30PM-1:30PM
O-S  1:30PM-2:30PM
T-Z  2:30PM-3:30PM

***In order to graduate and get your diploma you must do the following steps NOW:
Complete your ICAP
Complete the DPS Exit Survey
Complete the Future Center checkout form
**NOTE: You must complete the Future Center Survey as we use this information to send your final transcript to your selected college/university.

Still have questions? CLICK on the links below for information regarding how to complete these steps.
Senior Checkout Requirements
Senior Checkout Slide Show

The checkout is designed to PREVENT CROWDS maintain SOCIAL DISTANCE, and keep staff and students SAFE.This will be a “curbside event” located at our west main parking lot in the front of the school.Students and families will be lined up and asked to stay in cars or designated lines if a car is not available. Only students will be allowed to drop-off school issued property at the designated tables one at a time while families will have to stay in the car or designated areas. We ask that all items be placed in a plastic or paper bag to help with organization and physical contact:
RETURN Chromebooks 
RETURN Calculators 
RETURN Textbooks 
RETURN Athletic Equipment 
RETURN Library Books 
PICKUP Cap & Gown (including all cords)
PICK UP Yearbook 
PICK UP Name Card for Drive-thru Diploma Distribution

Tuesday, May 26th 5:45 pm: SENIOR CAR PARADE
Starting at 5:45pm we will have a Class of 2020 Senior Car Parade to celebrate the commitment and sacrifice the senior class has made to Denver South.Parade starts at Denver South and follows a route throughout the neighborhood ending back at Denver South.In order to participate the following PARADE SIGNUP FORM must be completed.
All participants and onlookers will need to wear a mask and social distancing measures will be in place. If you have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL and communicate with your counselor before the 22nd. Masks must be worn at all times by students and the limited staff members that will be present. More details and logistics to follow.One vehicle will be allowed per graduate.The vehicle may contain no more than 8 people including the graduate (up to 7 guests + graduate) or as many seat belts that are available in the vehicle. Graduates without vehicle access can participate in this event but must complete the following: PARADE SIGNUP FORM .
All attendees in vehicles must stay in their vehicle at all times and those who are attending without a vehicle must observe distancing guidelines at the event.

Tuesday, May 26th 7:00 pm: DIPLOMA CELEBRATION
Directly following the Senior Car Parade, each senior will have the opportunity, while wearing their decorated cap and gown, to individually get out of their car one at a time and receive their diploma on the front steps of Denver South.
Complete the following survey to let us know that you plan to participate whether by car or on foot:
Drive Thru Diploma Pickup Form 
We will have a photographer and sound system to announce each name as they exit their car.Secure link to all car parade/diploma distribution photos available Wednesday, May 27th.
ALL participants or onlookers will need to wear a mask and social distancing measures will be in place. If you have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19 DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL and communicate with your counselor before the 22nd
**Friendly Reminders: One car per family can participate during the eventNumber of people in car should equal the number of seat belts in car. 
All participants must stay in their car during the event,Graduate must have mask to exit car. Only the Denver South graduate can exit car when receiving their diploma

Wednesday, May 27th 12:00pm: VIRTUAL GRADUATION
The virtual commencement video presentation will be posted to our website.

Saturday, May 30th 6:00pm:VIRTUAL PROM COURT
Crowning of Prom King and Queen.Crowns/ Sashes to be delivered. Continue to vote on Schoology 
Senior Class Panoramic Picture
If you did not purchase your Senior Class Panoramic picture you still have the opportunity to do so. Please visit: or call Dan Derry at 303-909-0226

Graduation Update – April 12, 2020

Graduation Updates for Senior Families:

Commencement Update:

We are moving forward as planned with our Commencement Ceremony May 27th at DU unless otherwise informed.  We are also planning back up options for a Virtual ceremony in case it is cancelled.  We will have more info the first or second week of May. 

Cap and Gowns:

Seniors will be receiving their cap and gowns in May as usual. Stay tuned for more information about what a senior checkout will look like once we have access to the building. Students will still need to meet their graduation requirements before they receive their diplomas. 

Jostens Update:

ALL Jostens items, that have been paid in full, have been delivered to families. If you have NOT received your Jostens items, please contact them directly. The Jostens crew has worked hard to make personal deliveries all across Denver to ensure students and families receive the items they ordered. Our Jostens rep is Todd Reed and he can be reached at 800-567-8367.


These have been ordered for our graduates and will be given out either at an official commencement ceremony or in another celebratory way. This will depend on what happens after May 10th. We are still printing programs to celebrate the Class of 2020. 

Yearbook Distribution:

We are currently working with Jostens to figure out how to disseminate Yearbooks. Seniors will be prioritized but all other students who have purchased a Yearbook will receive their Yearbook.


La socodsiinta waalidiinta ee qalinjabinta glaaska labo iyo tobanaad.

Waxaan halkaan horay uga sii wadi doonaa blowga maalinta qalinjabinta  aan horay ugu tala galnay oo aheyd Mayo27th oo lagu qabanayo DU hadaan wax isbadal ah imaan. Ikhtiyaar kale o online ka lagu qalinjabinaayo ayaan sameyneynaa  hadii xaflad qalinjabinta la joojiyo. Isbuuca koobaad ama labaad ee bisha Maayo ayaa macluumaad kale idiin soo diri doonaa.

Cap and Gown/Dharka lagu qalinjabiyo

Galaaska labo iyo tobanaad waxey heli doonaa dharkooda ee ku qalinjabin lahaayeen bisha May. Waxaan idin lasoo socod siindoona macluumaad ku saabsan in ardayda galaaska labo iyo tobonaad dhameystirteen waxa laga abo marka dhismaha la furo. Ardayda waxaa laga rabaa in ee dhamaystirteen  maadooyinka laga rabo inta kahor e helin shahaadooyinkooda.

Jostens Update/Jostens Cusboonayn 

Dhamaan wax kastoo aad Josten ka gadateen lacagtoo dhan aa  wada bixiseen qoysaska ayaa loo soo diray. Hadaad wali helin, fadlan ayaga si toos ah ula xariir. Wakiilkeena ee Josten waa Todd Reed waxaana kala xariiri kartaan teleefoonkaan 800-567-8367.

Diplomas/Programs/Shahaadooyinka iyo barnaamijyada 

Kuwaan waxaa loo dalbay ardaydeena qalinjabineysa waxaana lagu siin doona xaflada qalinjabinta oo rasmi ah ama si kale. Tan waxay ku xirantahay waxii dhaco bisha Maayo 10th kadib. Wali waxaan daabaceynaa barnaamijyo loogu dabaaldagaayo ardeydeena qalinjabineyso sanadka 2020.

Yearbook Distribution/Qaybinta Buuga Sanadka

Hada anaga iyo shaqaalaha Jostens aan waxaan ka shaqeeneyna sida aan u faafin laheyn buuga sanadka.

Bobby Thomas
South High School