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Grading Policy – Remote Learning

What is the grading policy for students in grades 9-12?

The grades high school students earned in each course as of April 6 (the day before our first week of remote learning), will be the lowest possible grades they can receive for this semester — as long as students continue to engage in learning in accordance with their school’s remote learning plan. 

  • Students will be able to improve upon their grade for the rest of this semester.
  • Students will be able to decide on a class-by-class basis which grading option they prefer — a letter grade or credit/no credit. 
  • Additionally, it will be possible for students to make the choice to receive credit for a course instead of a letter grade until the end of the school year. Students should work with their school staff to make that change to their transcript.
  • For this semester, any F grades will be transcribed as “no credit”. Students will have the opportunity to improve a “no credit” at a later time.