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AP Exam Information – May 2020

Dates and Deadlines

AP Exams are being offered starting May 11–22. If a student is unable to test during this window, makeup dates are available June 1–5. All students are encouraged to test during the primary May 11–22 window just in case there are technical difficulties.
AP Portfolios for Computer Science Principles, 2-D Art, 3-D Art, and drawing are due May 26.  Please upload portfolios before May 22 to allow time to troubleshoot any possible issues. Students do not need to communicate with the AP Program the date students intend to test; students will just sign in for the exam on the date they are scheduled to test following the information provided by the College Board AP Program.  College Board’s AP Online Exam Schedule (All exams taken within metro-Denver are starting according to the “Mountain Time” schedule)  

Getting Ready for the Exams Please complete all steps that are described in the AP Get Ready Guide provided by College Board.
5 Steps to Get Ready
NOW: Try the Exam Demo
NOW: Complete Exam Day Checklist (this should be completed in advance for all students’ exams)
NOW: Confirm Email Address 
2 DAYS BEFORE EXAM: Locate E-Ticket
EXAM DAY: Check-In 30 Minutes Early  Please note: if students are taking an AP world language exam, checklist items about handwriting or typing responses, attaching and submitting responses, and the exam timer don’t apply. Read the essential AP Resource Guide

Technology Considerations     
Students must disable the Grammarly browser extension on any device they are using.
Students can access the exam and submit their response using any available device: smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, (not all AP Exams) or computers, so, when a student clicks to access the exam, the browser that opens should be Chrome™, Firefox® , Safari, or Edge. The exam will not open in other browsers, so students should confirm their default browser is one of these four browsers, which supports their online AP Exams. 
AP French and Spanish Language and Culture Exams require a free new dedicated app, called the AP World Languages Exam App (WLEA). Students must use an iOS or Android operated smartphone or tablet. These exams cannot be taken using a Chromebook.

Students are asked to be sure to confirm via the College Board AP website any other technology requirements or restrictions as they relate to their specific tests. If a student accidentally closes their browser or tab, temporarily loses their internet connection, or experiences some other disruption, students will click their e-ticket to rejoin the exam.
Due to the time limits set by College Board students encouraged to follow if they can’t rejoin the exam, lose too much time trying to regain access, or do not see a Your AP Exam is Complete message at the end of the exam, the student can request a makeup test by completing the form at:

Student Exam Accommodations  
Students will be able to use their pre-approved accommodations for 2020 AP Exams. This year the way accommodations are provided may be different because the exams are shorter. 
Please reach out to with any questions.