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Food Assistance

Posted: Jul 30, 2020

Help with food assistance for families who children receive free and reduced lunch and who lost income March, April, and/or May

If your child attended, a public school/charter school and received free or reduced lunch in March, April, and/or May and you lost income you may be eligible for Pandemic-Electronic Benefits Transfer (P-EBT).  This will give families $93 a month, a maximum of $279 (per child in public school/charter school).  This card can only be used for food at any grocery store or Walmart.   If you are not sure you are eligible please apply.  immigration status  in not a factor.  You will need to have your child’s school ID number.  

If you already in the SNAP program you automatically will get P-EBT benefits, and you should have gotten letter saying how much money they put on your SNAP card.  If they made a mistake and did not include call school age children in your family, please use the website in flyer to apply. 

Please click on the links for flyer to apply in English or Spanish.

Applications are accepted July 31st to September 28th.   If you need help because English or Spanish is not your first language please go to the following website