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Posted: Aug 07, 2018

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JROTC Course Content: Our program of instruction is standardized throughout the 1650 Army JROTC programs nationwide. The Army provides the curriculum, books, and instructional materials. This curriculum focuses primarily on individual selfassessment and self-development. Uniforms are provided to the student at no charge. The course consists of two primary components:

Classroom Component: Students cover such subjects as Character Development, Leadership Theory, Foundations for Success, Wellness, Fitness and First Aid; and Citizenship. Programs such as Winning Colors, You the People, and Understanding Your Potential are also used to enhance classroom instruction and attain training objectives.

Leadership Lab Component: Upper classmen in leadership positions (under instructor supervision) conduct weekly inspections of students in uniform and perform instruction in drill. These activities are used to teach leadership, discipline, teamwork and individual responsibility.

Grading: We used the district grading scale. Our grades are weighted as follows:
40% – Class Academic Performance
30% – Inspection Score (Wear and care of the uniform)
30% – Class Participation
Note: A student who misses a uniform inspection day must make up that inspection on another day.

JROTC Extra Curricular Activities: The JROTC Department sponsors the following additional activities:

Rifle Team(s)– Men’s and Women’s team compete in Olympic marksmanship training and competition. Restricted to JROTC students. Season starts in August and concludes in December with the state rifle match at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Drill Team(s)- Drill team (drill with drill rifles) and Honor Platoon (all women’s organization drills without drill rifles) compete in regulation and student-developed drill routines. Restricted to JROTC students. Competitions include city, state and multi-state regional starting in February and ending in April. Practices are year-round.

Color Guard- Team that presents that National, State and School flags at school and community functions. Restricted to JROTC students. Team also competes in city, state and multi-state regional competitions. Practices and events are year-round.